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Colonial Club Senior Activity Center


Annual Campaign Photo

Provided Business & Fund Development
consulting services
for this 501(c)3 independent senior center
in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

    Business Partners

    Strategic Planning

Accomplishments include:
   ▪ Developed a annual giving campaign that averaged $60,000
      yearly after only three years and reached $100,000. 
     This from a donor base of only 25,000 total community residents
   ▪  Created a unique Business Partnership Program providing a
      true quid-pro-quo between the business partner/donor and
      Colonial Club
   ▪  Established cultural events/dinner party concept to entice
       major donors to increase financial support
   ▪  Wrote a grants and created a special medication management
       program.  Senior MEDS over a four year period assisted over
       500 individuals and informed their doctors of medication
       issues.  Grant plus other income yielded over $100,000 in four
   ▪  Developed the new mission and vision statement
   ▪  Designed the organizational tag line: 
       Inspiration, Individuality and Independence for all Seniors
   ▪  Created annual campaign tag lines:
       You Make It Happen - We Keep It Going
       Soaring Into The Future
   ▪  Held a Strategic Planning, Community based,
       Forum/Workshop and wrote the organizations first
       Strategic Plan
   ▪  Created and conducted Board Retreat on The Responsibilities Of A Non-Profit Board
   ▪  Staffed Development and Marketing Committee and Provided Board reports as regular part of
   ▪  Wrote an extensive guide to Marketing Baby Boomers.  Defines service delivery needs for to the
       Boomer Generation

Annual Campaign materials. 2006-2007 three month fund drive
Yielded approximately $60,000 from a population of 25,000. Annual fund raising reached $100,000.


Colonial Club Tag line created by David 

(Picture Across)

Wandel coordinated the visit of V.P. Dick Cheney at Colonial Club October 13th.


Conducted Full Day Workshop, wrote Strategic Plan,
Helped Develop Goals/Objectives & Execute Them

 Senior MEDS - A five year Medication Management Program for Seniors
Fully funded by Grants and Sponsors/Partners
Program Brochure


Senior MEDS - University of Wisconsin partner write - up in 2004


Sample Media Placements by David