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Board Development

Roles, Responsibilities & Requirements©

"David Wandel provided board training for our Colonial Club board of directors. His presentation was well prepared and thought provoking. David led the group through a series of exercises that helped the board to better understand our roles and responsibilities not only at the Colonial Club, but within the community as we represent the Colonial Club."

Karen Kane,
Director of Business Services
Dean Health Systems, Inc. &
Board Chair, Colonial Club
, Sun Prairie


“Many Non-profit Boards Not Diverse or Involved in Fundraising


(Aug. 20, 2007) “A study by the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Institute has found that many nonprofit boards are not actively engaged in basic stewardship responsibilities, such as fundraising, and are not diverse or reflective of the populations they serve.”


Spend one evening or half day (3+- hours) with David strengthening, solidifying and directing your Board to better function and support of your goals and objectives.

What style of Board do you have?

What type of Board do you want and need?

Interactive Retreat/workshop components*:
*(Modified to meet the unique needs of each organization)

What type of Board are we?
       Complete “Type of Board Questionnaire”
       Score outcome on flip chart and discuss

What Type of Board is needed to meet our Mission and Vision?
       Hand out - What Type of Board Do We Need
       Hand out - Mission and Vision Statement
       Discussion and seek consensus

Hand out - Basic Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards
Hand out - Major Duties of Board of Directors
Hand out - Are Corporate Boards any Different?

Discussion: Are we a combination of these?  Is this what we want?

What are the Responsibilities and Duties of our Board
(Its members)?
Record answers on flip chart and discuss 

Ask – Based on the type of Board that we are:
       Does the Mission and Vision continue to fit?
       Does the Strategic direction continue to fit?
       Discussion and consensus

Hand out - Sample Board Profile Sheet –Working Board
      Complete, record answers on flip chart and discuss

Finalize what our Board is and will be, roles and responsibilities, what is still needed and next steps.

End with a Board Affirmation document.

David Wandel is an Organizational Development Consultant in Madison, Wisconsin. 
David has consulted and conducted programs, seminars and workshops for, for-profit and non-profit organizations for over twenty years. 

Email David at  wancomp@aol.com

Call David at 608-238-6850, 877-240-4068 or on his mobile at 608-345-6337.