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The Art & Science of


Strategic Planning



Planning For The Future


             Why Plan?
•The Organization Becomes Stronger
   more focused
•Better Meets The Future Needs Of
   The Community Served
•Keeps Everyone Focused On The
   Mission & Vision
•Provides For Flexibility In Planning
•Achieving Organizational Goals


             The Plan:
•Is Outcome Oriented
•Is financially Feasible
•Has Strategies that sets Direction

•Has a Measurable set of Goals &
   Objectives, and
•The plan must be Flexible, Fluid &



 Solid Planning is a Collaboration Of:
•Business Leaders
•Political Leaders
•Staff, and





            Next Steps:
◊Board approves Strategic Direction
◊Board, Ex. Director, Key
   Management Staff &
Review & Develop a Business
Goals (Review & Ok or
Objectives to Achieve Goals
Who Is Responsible For What
Outcome Measures

◊Board, Ex. Director & Management
   Team Execute Plan
◊Board Through Ex. Director
   Monitors Progress
◊Consultant Supports Direction &
   Guides Organization Into The

  Please note: In every successful planning processes the ability & need for flexibility & modification is essential.  The above is a general outline that is modified & adjusted for the unique traits of each organization.  

A Working Plan




David Wandel is an Organizational Development Consultant in Madison, Wisconsin. 
David has consulted and conducted programs, seminars and workshops for, for-profit and non-profit organizations for over twenty years. 

Email David at  wancomp@aol.com

Call David at 608-238-6850, 877-240-4068 or on his mobile at 608-345-6337.