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Clean Wisconsin



As Chair of the Board from 2004 through 2006 David led the way to re-branding Wisconsin's Environmental Decade to Clean Wisconsin.  Additionally, with the support of the Board David moved the organization back into the black leading to Clean Wisconsin being the strongest most vibrant Environmental Advocacy Group in Wisconsin today.


Clean Wisconsin Today


Clean Wiscsonsin - Your environmental voice since 1970

  Clean Wisconsin's Mission:
We join together to protect, improve, and sustain Wisconsin's clean water and air. We accomplish this through:
  • Advocating for Wisconsin's clean water and air
  • Holding Wisconsin politicians, polluters, and regulatory agencies accountable
  • Educating Wisconsin residents, media, and government policy makers
  • Forging stronger alignment across environmental advocacy groups and environmental philanthropists with interest in
    Wisconsin "

Happenings-Courtesy of Brava Magazine, May 2010
Upper left picture: Kathleen Falk, David Wandel,
Tom Linfield & Shari Eggleston.
Lower left: Mike Strigel& Tia Nelson. Ceter: Susan Churchill & Doug La Follette.
Right: Rep. David Cullen & Sen. Fred Risser



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Changes on the Clean Wisconsin

Board of Directors

Welcome to the New Board Chair, David Wandel

Clean Wisconsin is pleased to introduce your 2004 Clean Wisconsin Board Chair, David Wandel.

David lives with his wife and children in Madison. He has served on the Clean Wisconsin Board of

Directors since 2001, most recently serving as Chair of the Development Committee. David brings a

host of experience and an exciting energy level. Dave Wandel is a consultant with Wandel Inc., which

provides consulting services and programs nationwide on marketing, management, fundraising,

communications, public and media relations and conflict resolution. We’ll need his help: 2004 is an

important and critical year for Clean Wisconsin to move ahead, assert our leadership on clean air and

water campaigns, and to aggressively to bring state environmental groups together to be a highly effective

force in our collective policy work. Welcome to your new role, Dave!