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Boards, Marketing and Sales

David provided a variety of consulting services in the areas of Board Development, Public Relations, Marketing and Sales







Wandel & Company


Organizational Development Consulting/Business Growth & Development

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Madison, Wisconsin 53705
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e-mail: wancomp@aol.com

Major Duties of the Board of Directors
By David Wandel

1. Provide continuity for the organization Through the corporate/legal structure represent the organization's vision, mission, goals and objectives by way of advocacy, direct and indirect support at the planning and review level.

2. Select and appoint a chief executive to whom responsibility is given for carrying out the vision, mission, goals and objectives.  This is to be accomplished through administration of the organization. 

The board shall, as a result of this delegation:  

-review and evaluate his/her performance regularly on the basis of a specific position description, including executive relations with the board, leadership in the organization, program planning and implementation as relates to the vision, mission, goals and objectives, and in management of the organization, its personnel and finances

 -offer administrative guidance and determine whether to retain or dismiss the executive

3. Govern the organization through written broad policies and objectives, formulated and agreed upon by the chief executive and staff, including the assignment of time bound priorities that help ensure the organization's capacity to carry out programs and activities. Continually review the organizations work through regularly scheduled meetings.  Provide ongoing support to include financial. Assist the chief executive in all manners of donor development as a critical component of the future survival and growth of the organization.

4. Assist in, support and help acquire sufficient resources for the organizations

5. Account to the public for the activities and services of the organization and
expenditures of its funds, including:

-providing for fiscal accountability, approval the budget, and formulation of policies related to operations and contractual relations from public, private, governmental and other resources

-accept responsibility for all conditions and policies attached to new, innovative, or experimental programs.

 Major Responsibilities of Board of Directors

The National Center for Nonprofit Boards, in their booklet "Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards", itemize the following 10 responsibilities for nonprofit boards. (However, these responsibilities are also relevant to for-profit boards.)

1. Determine the Organization's Mission and Purpose

2. Select the Executive

3. Support the Executive and Review His or Her Performance

4. Ensure Effective Organizational Planning

5. Ensure Adequate Resources

6. Manage Resources Effectively

7. Determine and Monitor the Organization's Programs and Services

8. Enhance the Organization's Public Image

9. Serve as a Court of Appeal

10. Assess Its Own Performance



Wandel & Company


Organizational Development Consulting/Business Growth & Development

                                                      710 North Meadow Lane
Madison, Wisconsin 53705
Phone 608-238-6850
Fax 608-238-7495
e-mail: wancomp@aol.com

Useful Marketing Tips

If you intend to start your own marketing business do the basic research first. The business world, depending on your product and intent is incredibly diverse. It is easy to get caught in the pitfalls of a start-up or ongoing company, be it production, manufacturing, internet, other.

Here are a few marketing tips that may aid you in avoiding the pitfalls that are all around your efforts. As follows:

1. Choose your position in your chosen industry carefully. Donít even bother to market your product or service, etc. unless you are passionate about it.

2. Be sure that your knowledge base is solid. Be sure your niche is something that people/organizations, etc. are actively seeking. And, then give them what they want.

3. Be careful of how much and what type of information you provide. This is a common and at times a fatal mistake.

 You are continuously bombarded with an overload of information that may cause you to jump from one project to another. Nothing gets finished and you will not reach your organizational of financial goals. Focus. Choose a venture or project you want/need to work on and that will take you to your ultimate goal.


  For more information and how to succeed in the world of Board Development,
Marketing, and Sales, call David

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