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David's experiences, knowledge base and proficiency spans 20+ years. 

You can draw on this unique set of traits to improve and grow your business.  For profits and non-profits alike have moved their organizations forward through the guidance, counseling and direct service provided by David.

Draw upon the following from David:

Business Development:
Started and operated a retail Music Business for 10+ years

Co-planned and executed the search, development, financing and
execution of a 15,000 seat outdoor amphitheatre in St. Louis, Mo

Product Line Management Programs

Endowment Program Development

Focus Group Studies/Needs Analysis

Business Partnership Development

WEB Development - Enhancement

Strategic Planning process and plan writing   

Fund Development and Grant Writing

Fund Development:
     Designed and developed Fund Raising Programs for:
        $1.5 million library building
        Development of a Library Foundation
        Library Fund Development Program
        Senior Center
        Madison BoyChoir
        Colonial Club Senior Activity Center, Sun Prairie, WI
        Health Care Systems
        Local Organizations
        Clean Wisconsin
     Numerous Grants
     Provided Board Development Training for numerous organizations
 Training Provided in:
     Media Relations and Media Training
     Board Development Programs
     Management Development
       (Executive and Management levels)
     Public Relations 
     Strategic Planning
     Conflict Resolution
     Crisis Management
     Stress Management

     Lobbied for the State Hospital Association in Illinois
        (State and National level)
     Wrote and presented White Papers before
          Senate and House Committees
     Campaign Consultant and participated in running campaigns

Event Production: (Produced, Co-produced or assisted in production)
Rolling Stones, Rock Artists
     Clinton/Gore Bus Tour (St. Louis Public Library - 1992)
Disney's Tenth Anniversary Live Special in St. Louis
     Campus Camera, National level University Campaign for Coffee
     Dirty Rotten Sneaker Contest
     (National Campaign, Dr. Scholl's foot inserts)
      Moscow Circus, Multi-ring Circus in St. Louis, Missouri
     Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, Wordsmiths (Fund Raiser)
     Jeana Yeager (Flew the Voyager around the world with Burt Rutan)
     New Kids on The Block, Rock Artists
     Etta James, Jazz Artist
     Jonathan Suttin, 105.5 FM, Triple M Radio
     Nikki Giovanni, National level Poet (Fund Raiser)
     Jerry Spinelli, Newberry Literacy Award winner (Fund Raiser)
     Alex Haley, Writer, Roots, Queen & his son William Alexander
     Osborne E. (Ozzie) Smith, St. Louis Cardinals (Fund Raiser)
     Madison Boy Choir Auction, Madison Youth Choirs & Clean Wisconsin
        (Fund Raisers)
     Locally: Larry Meiller, Jean Feraca, Jonathan Overby, Norman Gilliland,
     W.P.Radio, Juan Jose Lopez, Jessica Doyle, Kathleen Falk,
     Mayor David J.
Cieslewicz, Peg Lautenschlager, George Austin &
     other local Dignitaries

Corporate Partnerships:
Pepsi-Cola, UNCF, Bank America, Commerce Banks, McDonalds,
    Oscar Mayer, Pleasant Rowland Foundation, Overture Foundation,
    UW Health Care System, Walgreens, Novartis, & Ortho-McNeal, CUNA
    Credit Union, Sun Prairie Bank, RRF, Coca-Cola, Wegner LLP, CPAs &
    Consultants, US Bank, Evergreen State Bank, Hebl, Hebl & Ripp,
    KindredHearts, and many more.

Publications (Samples):
     WEB sites
     Recommended Restaurants
     1994 Olympic Festival Map
     Numerous Newspaper and Magazine articles
     Workbooks and Manuals
     Fund Development Newsletters

     Strategic Planning Programs and Workshops
     Climate Management Programs
     Stress Management Programs, Workshops and Private Consultation
     Designed, created and executed a highly successful Marketing,
          Development and Foundation Department
    Donor/Image Campaigns
    Senior MEDS
    Business Partnership for Non-Profits

Endorsements and Proclamations:
Mayor of St. Louis
     St. Louis County Executive
Tourism Director
     Greater St. Louis Restaurant Association
St. Louis Chamber of Commerce
Senate and House
     Chicago City Council
     Wisconsin Legislature
     Dane County
     City of
     City of
Sun Prairie

Personal Community Involvement by David Wandel
Special Service Award - Department of Health, Education & Welfare,          1976

Board Member, Press Club (National & Local-St. Louis) Heavy Fund         Development

Recognized and honored by the American Planning Association, 1992.

Board President, Madison Boychoir, Madison, WI, (Term 2001-2004)        Heavy Fund Development (Now Madison Youth Choirs - handled        merge with Madison Children's Choir)

Board Member, Madison Youth Choirs, (Term 2003-2004) Heavy Fund        Development, Madison Youth Choir Advisory Board Member, 2006

Board President, Midvale/Lincoln PTO, (Madison, WI, (Term 2002)        Fund Development

Board Chair, Clean Wisconsin (Term 2001-2007) Fund Dev. And        Restructure/Re-Brand Organization

Commissioner, City of Madison, Community Services Commission,         (Term 2002-2009)

Member, Dane County Coordinating Council (2003-2005)

Allied Dunnís Marsh Stakeholders Group (Founding Member) (2004)

Chair, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award Committee        Created current combined City/County MLK Award Commission

Please give David call for your special needs.  (608) 345-6337 mobile