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David Wandel  

andel & Company Consultants

 Background Information on

David Wandel 

David Wandel is President of Wandel & Company

  • He is a private business consultant focusing on organizational development and business growth for for-profit businesses and organizational and fund development for non-profits increasing the bottom line!
  • He has functioned in this capacity for over twenty+ years and has consulted nationwide.
  • A few accomplishments include:
        producing executive level management training,
        strategic planning,
        climate assessment programs, and
        stress management training seminars
        Public Relations-Crisis Interventions
        Production of Major Events   
        Handling and dealing with the FDA in crisis and non-crisis modes (cGMP's, Critical Control Points,
          Warning letters, etc.)
        Producing community based programs that enhanced the lives of residents and provided for educational
          and work related opportunities and improvement - re-socialization from extreme difficulties in life.
  • In the area of special events he aided in producing The Rolling Stones in St. Louis in 1989, the Clinton/Gore Bus Tour, St. Louis, 1992 and the Moscow Circus.
  • He was involved in the research, development and execution leading to a multi-million dollar 15,000 seat outdoor amphitheatre in St. Louis.
  • David was instrumental in achieving a major bond referendum and fund development for a mid-sized library system in a highly charged negative atmosphere in St. Louis. 
  • David served as Director for the State Hospital Association in Illinois and lobbied at the State and National level, wrote (legislative) bills, presented white papers to Senate or House Committees and was instrumental in introducing Fee For Service Programs in a collaborative Association environment.
  • As a Corporate Director of Human Resources for a Health Care chain David had responsibilities for all aspects of the Human Resource functions.

David is also a partner in the Alsan Group, a nation-wide commercial and industrial Roof Consulting firm. The organization provides assessment, replacement services and longevity planning for commercial, industrial, distribution and retail property roof systems nationwide.  Clients include Real Estate Investment Trusts, Retail Shopping Centers, National Distribution Companies and others. In Madison one client owns East and West Towne Malls.

Community Activities:

  • David serves as a Commissioner for the City of Madisonís Community Service Committee and sat on the Mayor's Emerging Neighborhoods Fund Committee.
  • He is the past-Chair of the statewide Environmental Group, Clean Wisconsin (formerly Wisconsinís Environmental Decade) and has served on the Board for over 7 years. He was instrumental in re-branding the organization and bringing it back from a major deficit condition.  He introduced the Board to the need for long-term fiscal planning and now Clean Wisconsin has a multi-hundred thousand dollar Endowment.
  • He is the past Chair of The Madison Boychoir and served on the merged Board of the Madison Youth Choirs (a merge of the Madison Boychoir and The Madison Childrenís Choir that David was instrumental in spearheading).  Today he sits on the Advisory Board.
  • David sat on the Dane County Coordinating Council, is a past President of the Midvale/Lincoln PTO, is a member of the Allied Drive Dunnís-Marsh stakeholder Group.
  • David is the current chair of the City/County Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award Commission having arranged for a merger of the City and County Award Committees a few years ago. 


David has been recognized and honored by the American Planning Association and the Department of Health Education, (then, Health, Education and Welfare) for his work to better the lives of returning Viet Nam Veterans.  

David is married has five children and resides on the Westside of Madison.  He has been in the area 15 +- years.

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