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Page one A pictorial review of Strategic Planning, The build out of
an educational facility funded through David and the Grand Opening act at Overture Center (David's Client.


Page two Three Press functions either coordinated by David or with his involvement and a snap shot of a theme based fund raising set.




Page three A poster created by educator/illustrator Eileen Dawson of Madison for a fund raiser and David capturing the covers of both local newspaper sections on the same day.
Page four (Poster representing a Library based education program presented by noted actors and human rights advocates Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee)
Page five Alex Haley, author of Roots and Queen to speak in St. Louis and be brought in by David.  David eventually consulted for for Mr. Haley's son William.


Page six    Highlights from the Clinton/Gore Bus Tour of 1992 in St. Louis.  The last stop in the tour, David hosted - coordinated the event with 35,000 attending.
Page seven   St. Louis Public Library Summer Reading Club. Provided a highly successful Reading Program and Funding for the Library system for many years.



Page eight   Stress Management program for individuals and groups developed and presented by David.




Page nine  Fund raising dinner and scenes from presentation by Wisconsin Poet Laureate, Ellen Kort.




Page ten Review of consulting activities for a nonprofit client.



Page eleven  For profit Client.  Increased sales, created new web presence, established modern cGMP's, increased web sales, created new logo, opened new markets, work with regulators and see a sample Newsletter. Page twelve  Client Promotional Advertisement and letter by Jessica Doyle, Wisconsin's First Lady. Fund development based program.
Page thirteen    Governing Board Development Program - Roles, Responsibilities and Requirements- A Program of Wandel & Company. Page fourteen    Succession Planning Program - Creating a Winning Strategy-A Program of Wandel & Company.


Page fifteen    The Art and Science of Strategic Planning-A Program of Wandel & Company.


Page sixteen  Restaurant Development - Worked with two restaurant systems to increase sales, redefine thrust, marketing ploys and advertising. Improved bottom line.




Page seventeen  Created the first Strategic  Plan for the fifth largest entertainment company in the United States.  Assisted in the planning and development of a 15,000 seat amphitheatre and helped produce major musical and special events.




Page eighteen Partner in a national Roof Consulting business (independent) obtaining roof longevity, specification writing, roof replacement, quality assurance, annual inspections, insurance work and more.


Page nineteen  Working with MARC's Governing Boards we reinvigorated the Boards, implementing their strategic plan, improving their presence in the target community and improving the organizations public image.



Page twenty As Chair of the Board of the Madison Boychoir for a two year period worked with the Boards of the Madison Boychoir and Madison Children's Choir to merge the two organizations into the new and successful Madison Youth Choirs.



Page twenty one As Chair the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award Committee for the City of Madison. Successfully merged the City and County (Dane) Committees and created the MLK, Jr. City/County Award Commission. Chair it.


Page twenty two  David is providing specialized consulting for Uriel Biodynamic and Homeopathic Pharmacy.





Page twenty three As Chair of Clean Wisconsin from 2004 to 2006 worked to re-brand Wisconsin's Environmental Decade to Clean Wisconsin.  Today the organization is well funded and the strongest Environmental Advocacy Group in the State.



Page twenty four David  provided unique consulting dealing with FDA label and ingredient regulations, Lotting, Recall Plans and Business Development for Lehmann's Bakery. 



Page twenty five  David, along with Jim and Barb are taking a unique "ancient" apple orchard and developing and branding a new Apple Brandy.  The only
Apple Brandy made with these ancient cultivars from Europe, Asia and America, Esprit de-Pomme has a special flavor and aroma.



Page twenty six David has provided Management Development consulting for almost 30 years. David works with key executive staff, upper and middle management, Boards (both for profit and non profit).  Areas include: Conflict resolution, Communication, Leadership, Change, Crisis Intervention, Public Relations and more.




Page twenty seven  David volunteered for a year and a half, at the request of Kathleen Falk, recently retired Dane County Executive to assist the Miller family in creating, designing, developing, funding and launching The Payback Club, the first non-alcohol (full service) venue in Dane County. For now, David has stepped back from the project.



Page twenty eight 
David both consulted for Contemporary and was a Contemporary Vice President. David wrote their first Strategic Plan. In Moe's column David recalls meeting Etta James and the issues surrounding getting her on stage.


Page thirty one
Board responsibilities and Marketing Tips.
Two pieces developed by David covering Boards and Marketing/Sales. Useful Tips!





Page twenty nine
Business related material runs throughout the site.

See a little pictorial history of some of David's select business and personal history including Dr. Henry Kissinger, Ossie David and Ruby Dee, Alex Haley and more.

Just a little of My Stuff!








Page thirty
David spent many early years involved in the Health care arena. As a Director with the State Hospital Association in Illinois and a Corporate Director of human Resources he affected many positive changes.

David also consulted with some of the largest Health Care systems in America.







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